We are  excited to return to perform in NYC with CLIMAX, one of Godder’s most groundbreaking and influential works from the last few years.  And the week before will be in residency at UArts in Philadelphia where they will rehearse and teach the Dance Department students parts of CLIMAX.  CLIMAX is an active invitation for the audience to move as they engage in an emotionally intimate, yet forcefully provocative performance. Seamlessly deconstructing and integrating older works and movement phrases from Godder’s 15-year career, CLIMAX speaks about togetherness and insecurity, about connectivity and infectiousness while rethinking the relationship between audiences and performers. CLIMAX invites the audience to make choices about their own spectatorship throughout its three hour duration. .

The performances will be at Gibney Dance
280 Broadway (Enter at 53A Chambers Street)
Oct. 20 – 22 at 8:00 pm
Tickets $15 - $20 --> BUY ONLINE



Following the premiere shows of Common Emotions in Tanz und Theatre Festival at Theatre Freiburg, we participated in  The Dancer’s Knowledge- What else is it good for? -a two day workshop at Theater Freiburg, that was a closure to our year long project and collaboration with Theater Freiburg, that we feel so l honored and thankful for.  “Störung/ הפרעה” was a unique collaborative interdisciplinary project that brought together scientists, professional dancers and choreographers, physicians, as well as people with Parkinson’s  from Israel and Germany, to explore different aspects of human movement and movement disorder. To read more about it here’s the blog:  

In 2016 we continue with the dance classes for people who live with Parkinson, every Monday at 11:30 (look for the column at the side for more information).



In November 2015 we received news that Yasmeen won the Ministry’s of Culture “Creation Prize” for CLIMAX. Here are the judges words: "Godder has a significant role in the the Israeli dance scene and receives both local and international recognition. Her work is characterised by detailed and deep artistic research which expresses itself in a unique physical and visual language and a committed honest and brave execution which invokes a rare physical- emotional- experiential effect. "

workshops and classes


Open Morning Classes with Yasmeen Godder

Tuesdays 9:00am-10:45am

The studio opens at 8:45;

50 NIS a class/200 NIS for a card of 5 classes/ 350 NIS for 10 classes!

NO CLASSES in October 2016



Dance Classes for People with Parkinson

Mondays 11:30-12:45




Yoga Classes with Avital Barak  -Sun. & Thurs. 9:00am - 10:15am

Vinyasa style, for dancers and non-dancers

40 NIS a class/ 170 NIS for a card of 5 classes

NO CLASSES in October 20th and 23rd 2016