Oct 22nd, 2014
30 Oct 2014 : GUT GIFT : Generazioni a confronto, Brescia IT

We are excited about the up-coming launching event on October 29 of a new book about Yasmeen's work titled  EXTREMUM-Reflection on the work of Yasmeen Godder, that has been published with writings by Paolo Ruffini, Avi Feldman,  Elisabeth Nehring , Raphael Zagury-Orly and many more wonderful writers, by the Asia Publication. The book was initiated and produced by The Petach-Tikva Museum of Art as part of the exhibition Set in Motion; Dance-Art-Community, curated by Drorit Gur Arie and Avi Feldman.


After the premiere of  Lie Like A Lion in Bassano del Grappa (IT) as part of  B-Motion Festival, we are happy to start presenting the work in Israel. Our upcoming shows include  a show on November 11th at The Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance. Another performance is an invitation to perform at  The Fringe Theatre in Be'er-Sheva on November 18th.  And finally we are happy that the work will be presented as part of The International Exposure Festival on December 6th


We are proud to share that Itzik Giuli, our co-artistic director and dramaturge has  been chosen to be artistic director of the prestigious Israel Festival- the country's biggest festival for the performing arts. As well as the artistic director of the 25th Anniversary of the renowned Curtain Up Festival which has already published  a program full of new creations, workshops and lectures. A lot of which are free and open to the community at large. Check out the festival's Facebook Page.


Check Out our new Annual Evenings Workshops as part of Creation Space's Workshops at Yasmeen Godder Studio starting on November 2nd, including Solo from Scratch: Solo Creation with Sharon Zuckerman Weiser on Sundays, BodyLab with Michal Shahak on Mondays and Technique and Repertoire on Wednesdays. All the information is updated HERE.

Open Morning Class with Yasmeen Godder on Mondays 9:00-10:45.  The studio will be open from 8:45

Open Yoga Classes, Vinyasa style, for dancers and non-dancers, on Sundays and Thursdays  9:00 - 10:15 am with the wonderful Avital Barak

The Yasmeen Godder Studio is located at The Mandel Cultural Center, 1st Hatkuma St., Jaffa. Tel:03-6823104



"The wonderful dancers deserve praise no less than the choreography - they express a physical and emotional totality that does justice to the emotional roller coaster they embody. They radiate truth and that is why everything that takes place is so touching. It is happening here and now."

Ruth Eshel, Haaretz (July 2014)

"The combination of live and still art and the white square, and the moving, howling, wallowing and licking dancers is a thrilling experience that nourishes the soul with its darkness, an experience created by the vision and daring of Yasmeen Godder and her group [...] who created a unique, radical, groundbreaking, inspiring event that instills hope."

Orna Oryan, Erev Rav (July 2014)

Read the English translation to the wonderful reviews on CLIMAX by Ruth Eshel in Ha'aretz  and of Orna Oryan in ErevRav

Check out the super cool TRAILER


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