The annual symposium for creatives and students from related practical and theoretical branches of study pursues the idea that reflection on and in dance always carries roots in practical physicality – and that theory and practice have always gone hand in hand.
In Lectures, performances and workshops during this fourth edition of Physical Dramaturgy, titled “Love & Affection”, choreographer Yasmeen Godder among others, is delving into the quest for the space taken up by the concept of “affective labour” in the arts. At the same time, the question how the arts can offer an exemplary field of negotiation for current social tendencies, is up for discussion.

SATURDAY 27 I 01 I 2018

LECTURE “Baring the Fruit of Emotional Labor: Femme Identity and Community Responsibility in Times of Scarce Values” by Emotional Labor Queen 19:15 – 20:00h
Q+A+DRINKS 20 – 20:30h
PERFORMANCE “SIMPLE ACTION” by Yasmeen Godder 21 – 22h

SUNDAY 28 ǀ 01 ǀ 2018 

INTRO 11 – 11:30h
WORKSHOPS 11:30 – 13:30h
WORKSHOP 1 Yasmeen Godder
WORKSHOP 2 Sabine Cmelniski
LUNCH 13:30 – 14:30h
OUTRO 18 – 19h

WORKSHOP 1 Yasmeen Godder
In her workshop Yasmeen Godder will share some of the practices and ways of working which led her to her latest creations Simple Action and Common Emotions. Starting the process from a personal need or impulse the participants will develop and perform different actions and play within them in different contexts, looking at their potential therapeutic, performative and choreographic possibilities.

WORKSHOP 2 Sabine Cmelniski
Sabine will share her project „Friends with benefits“ in the workshop. It is a research that took/takes and will, seemingly, take different forms of life. The basic and recurrent movement is to collect a multiplicity of connected works, practices and researches and transform them into an elastic web of affects in flow.It is weaving the threads of crossed artistic processes, absorbing the intersections and developing what may appear at those meeting points.
It is curating affinities, practicing professional friendship and choreographing the intersubjectivity’s dance. 

To make an obligatory reservation, please contact iDAS NRW: until January 20th, 2018.
Fee: € 35 (including lunch & performance ticket for SIMPLE ACTION by Yasmeen Godder)

PHYSICAL DRAMATURGY is a project by iDAS NRW – International Dance Artist Service NRW in cooperation with tanzhaus nrw.
iDAS NRW is a project by tanzhaus nrw, supported by the Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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